Natural cell activation

OXIGÉNESIS the new method to achieve a NATURAL CELL ACTIVATION

Oxigénesis is the new understanding of aesthetic treatments , without harming our bodies and amazing and lasting results , Oxigénesis is here to stay .

Our slogan " Natural Cell Activation " , nothing further than that. The principle that moves us is cell activation and any cosmetic treatment , but more importantly is that we got it in the most natural way , bringing oxygen to your body.

Have you ever wondered what your body needs in essential way?

The human body can withstand a relatively long time without nutrients ( food) , can resist a shorter time without hydration (water ), but it can not take more than 4 minutes without oxygen (air).

Oxygen is our source of energy, without it our cells could not regenerate. Have you noticed that when you go to the mountain your skin is a different color , texture and tone? Well, imagine that you have enriched your body with only 3% more than you used to . Now imagine what could happen if we apply a 99% pure oxygen along with some active ingredients have the answer at the time and have completed post- treatment days. It is the safest and most natural way to obtain the benefits we seek in all aesthetic treatments , no doubt.

Oxigénesis is a patented cosmetic application suitable for various types of treatments whether facial, body and / or hair.


  • Wrinkles and sagging.
  • Crow's feet face and neck.
  • Skin with acne.
  • Furs hit by the sun.
  • Dark eyes and bags.
  • Vascular spiders.
  • Couperosis .
  • Dehydrated skin.
  • Aromatherapy
  • Tanning
  • For post- operative scars
  • Splines ( not eliminate , but reduce)
  • Anti fall Areata Treatment.
  • Anti fall Androgenetic Treatment.
  • Anti Dandruff Treatment.



Oxygen helps to reeducate our cells , from a passive one to an active state. This involves getting a natural cellular activation with oxygen so that the cells become activated and produce work needed nutrients naturally, as well as providing actives .

We have been providing decades indiscriminately nutrient based creams, vials and all asset our skins used to be away from becoming lazy . Oxigénesis arrives to reeducate our cells , providing the oxygen they need to return to work producing collagen and elastin for themselves. Nothing more simple and effective.

No other system on the market and comparable equipment OXIGÉNESIS . Any cosmetic application with a load above 30 % would be in conflict with our patent. Oxigénesis brings a purity of 99 % in oxygen , are very different teams than simply provide purified air ( clean air). The oxigenesis system is much more than purified air , it is pure Oxygen!

If you have an aesthetic center and are interested in having oxigénesis equipment, contact us and we will contact the provider of your area. Be the first selling Oxygen treatments, your customers will thank you!.