How do we work?


The center is contacted with us, and we provide information on our work and explains the multiple applications of both O2 and price and profitability this valued service to its decision .

At the same time Oxigénesis reserves the right to decline any center interested centers who believe in our method but those who want to discard it as a weapon of marketing to advertise your center and provide other services leaving Oxigénesis method in a second are measured .


Once accepted the conditions , we send a contract to the beauty salon to be read and signed.


Proceed to the payment of the agreed amount as contracted rate.

STEP 4 :

The training is conducted at our facilities in Girona or in the center of the client if you prefer, the costs that this generates and detailed in the contract. After forming a diploma is offered.

STEP 5 :

The material is sent to the center so you can start working with the oxygen cylinder charged, the desk, airbrush, hose and bracket.

STEP 6 :

Oxigenesis will supply oxygen to the centers provided that such request.