About us

Oxigenesis was born due to research and chance. In 2010, while conducting cosmetics test, we realized about the oxygen regenerative properties.  Since then, we have been developing a suitable range of products that with the help of pressurized oxygen, gives the skin all the benefits of both pure oxygen and active products.

It has been the research and the finding of the perfect components to use with the oxygen, that allowed us to achieve great and spectacular results.

After this test period, and with a great deal of beauty centers working with Oxigenesis method, Oxigenesis has arrived to the international market, starting in Cosmoprof Bologna and start working with international companies, to launch our natural and efficient work method, suitable and desirable for all beauty centers.  As the results speaks for themselves we have also registered our utility system under a patent. Any cosmetic treatment using oxygen with purity above 30% will get into conflict with Oxigenesis patent. 

Our goal is to reach as many beauty centers and people, so they can benefit of all the positive and endogenous effects of our method. In order to achieve that, we have developed a working method based on the equipment renting.  So, we get the customer to test it peacefully without the hesitation of having a lot of money spent in a “machine “ that maybe, after a trial time , does not convince them.

As we are so sure of our method and the benefits both for the beauty center as to the final client, that we ONLY work with renting system, no further commitment and to an affordable price, but only waiting for those who truly believe in our method.